Natalie is a self-taught oil painter born in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada. Natalie’s paintings combine bold and experimental details of visual realism, centring around how we identify and cherish our internal landscape. Her influences range from contemporary conceptual artists such as Miles Johnson and Jenn Mann to old masters like John Singer Sargent. 

At the age of 21, after completing her BSc (Psychology), Natalie moved to Toronto, Ontario to follow her childhood dream of becoming an artist. This shift in location allowed her to become attuned to the disconnect between her true self and cultivated perception. She has spent the last couple of years dedicating her time towards self-discovery and art practice, leaning into the acceptance that both are inseparable from each other. She invites you to question the comfort of nature and the nature of comfort.

Natalie currently lives in St. John's where she plans to further explore and develop her art career through fine art prints, commissions and gallery exhibitions. Her first solo show took place at Eastern Edge and rOGUE Gallery fall 2022.

Photo by @jamesdavidmarch

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